Town of Bayview Road Tour Minutes – May 8, 2023

Town of Bayview Road Tour Minutes ~ Monday, May 8, 2023

Meeting called to order at 7:37 a.m. by Don Jenicek, Town Chairman. Also present were Bill Bodin,  Michael

Garnich, and Mike Yonan.

Notes taken on the discussions while on tour include:

Maki Road intersection at Big Rock Road had a culvert fail during the snow melt off from the field, water washed over Big Rock Road to the north. There will be some work to repair ditch by the culvert. Big Rock Road will need some cold mix patch work done in areas south of the bridge. To the north, we should see if the black top overlay can start closer to the bridge to build up the area that is sloughing off on the right-hand side as you go up the hill. Blacktop is tentatively scheduled for August this year in the town of Bayview.

Friendly Valley Road – Noted erosion during the spring runoff east of Neimesto road. Also ditching and gravel needed near the Pringle residence. Noted the drive way that caused erosion that we should ditch more aggressively to prevent it from washing out the road west of the Pringle residence. As we headed back down towards highway 13, ditch work needs to be done on the northside and reclaim gravel just as you proceed down the hill after Big Rock Road. Tree removal needed alongside of the hill also.

Bayview Park Road – Butch was headed there today to add some gravel and grade. This area is very near the lake and needed help drying out this spring due to the high water and Onion River run off.

Whiting Road – not visited but noted that there are many pot holes to fill and grading that needs to be done. McCullough Road – good condition overall, but needs some gravel added from the highway to the first corner.

Noted areas where Xcel Energy has helped restore the road where powerline work had been done.

Potter Road – Will need to be graded after the final platforms are removed now that the Xcel work has been done. Use caution as this is a 3-rod road, narrower than other roads in the township.

Dryer Road – a few small pot holes to be filled.

Bodin Road – Road held up well over the winter, though some gravel was lost due to plowing. Ditch work at the corner to force water to run down the west side to the culvert is needed between Bodin residence and Bergman driveway. Fix wash out at the bottom by the culvert. Discussed paving this summer and two layers vs. one pricing.

Frostman Road – Ditch work and culvert replacement on the Northeast end. Grade work and gravel as needed in bare areas.

Houghton Falls Road – noted frost heave near the end and the wash out near the Olson driveway. Gary Road – Several pot holes to be filled in.

Maki Road – soft spots in the blacktop that will need to be dug out, filled in and have cold patch applied. A tree trunk also coming up through the pavement on the east end. West end has some cracks from the weight and compaction motion from Eagle Waste truck – Mike has spoked with the driver to request this action be done elsewhere.

Peacy Road West – OK condition.

Travelled back to Town Garage. Will need to establish priorities for which roads should be repaired first as the winter has been very difficult and all of the work will most likely exceed the budgets and time available. Bill motioned for meeting to be adjourned at 9:47 a.m. Mike Garnich seconded. Motion carried.


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