Special Meeting 10-27-2022

Town of Bayview
Special Board Meeting to work on 2023 Budget
October 27, 2022
Meeting was called to order by the Chair at 6:00 p.m.
Roll Call: Supervisor Bill Garnich, present; Supervisor Bill Bodin, present; Chair Don Jenicek, present; Clerk Wanda Hyde, present and Treasurer Kelly Warren, present. Buth Warren was also present. Review of the 2023 Town of Bayview Budget.

Park/Preserve -2,500
Town Hall Utilities & Maintenance +2,500

Separate Room tax Expense
Washburn Chamber 10,500
Our Rm Tax Acc’t 4,500

Correct Bremer Loans – Principal
• Bremer – Solar 3,234
• Bremer – HFNP 4,528
• Bremer – Maki Road 21,747
• Bremer – Equipment 35,724
• The difference goes into Road Rebld +9,316

Motion to adjourn was made by Bill Bodin seconded by Mike Garnish at 7:28 pm. Submitted by
Wanda Hyde, Clerk