March 2024 Minutes

Town of Bayview

March 12, 2024

Meeting was called to order at 6:03 p.m. by Chair.

Roll Call:  Chair Don Jenicek, present; Supervisor Bill Bodin, present; Clerk Kim Suske, present; Treasurer Kelly Warren, present; Supervisor Mike Garnich, present via phone.

Others in attendance:  Mike Yonan, Cindy Dillenschneider, Paul Johnson, and Mike Cariveau.

Town Board Meeting Minutes from February 13, 2024:  Motion made by Bill Bodin to approve with one change to wording of item under correspondence; seconded by Mike Garnich.  Motion carried.

Review of 2023 Financial Report submitted by Kim Suske, Clerk: Financial Report looks good and will be presented for approval at annual meeting in April.

Treasurer’s Report by Kelly Warren:  Checking $17,162.79; Equipment $3396.80; Room Tax $5581.62; Contingency Fund $19,970.61, and Tax Levy Savings $133,871.90.

Clerk’s Report:  Clerk let the Board know that she has received her new computer and Mike Cariveau has been helping her get this set up along with setting up the Town’s new MS account and email.  Clerk has completed her WisVote training and has started receiving and fulfilling absentee ballot requests.

Citizen’s Concerns and Comments:  Paul Johnson presented that the Bayview History Committee (BHC) would like to have a white-arrow sign placed on STH 13 directing people to the entrance to Bayview Park Road for purposes of alerting people to the turn for the depot.  BHC asking if the Town would help pay for the sign; Board stated that Town agreed to the depot move but had stated at that time that Town would not pay for anything associated with it.  BHC will be applying to the state for the sign.

Town Board website and email system—Update by Mike Cariveau:  Mike reviewed our new MS 365 account which includes email addresses for all Board members at $3 per month per address plus apps for Clerk for $12.50 per month.  Clerk’s new email address, is now integrated into the account.  Our .gov domain has not yet been approved by MS—Mike has put in an inquiry as this has been taking some time but has not received a status update from MS.  Board (other than Clerk) will wait to get set up with new emails until after the .gov is approved so that they will only need to change addresses once, not twice.

Bayview History Committee wind breaks on pavilion—Discussion and possible action: Mike Yonan found a tarp to use as a windbreak on the pavilion which can be mounted on a board with eye hooks so it can roll up and down without damaging the posts.  Don Jenicek made a motion to approve mounting this system; seconded by Mike Garnich.  Motion carried.

Annual Room Tax Committee Report by Bill Bodin:  The Room Tax Commission reports to the Town annually.  Bill Bodin reviewed financial information from the Washburn Chamber of Commerce and outlined how the money is supposed to be used compared to how the money was actually spent.  Room tax income is up 3% over last year.  The reroute of STH 13 will make this coming year more challenging.

Ed Gruhl Assessment Objection Claim—Discussion and Possible Action:  Don Jenicek made a motion to take no action on Ed Gruhl’s assessment objection claim at the direction of the Town’s Rural Insurance attorney; Mike Garnich seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

ARIP Program Application—Discussion and possible action:  The application process is complex and the application must be for the purpose of rebuilding a forest road for trucking or for agricultural roads.  The road in question must have a weight limit.  Applications for the first round are due April 5; there will be a second round in the fall and the Town may apply then.  Roads discussed were Smith Fire Lane, Whiting Road, and Friendly Valley Road; Smith Fire Lane and FVR do not have weight limits.

HFNP:  The Town’s attorneys put in their final response.  The court of appeals needs to make a decision; this can take months.

Adopt State Equipment Rates—Discussion and possible action:  State rates are for emergencies such as FEMA.  Mike Garnich made a motion to accept the 2024 State Equipment Rates; seconded by Bill Bodin.  Motion carried.


Town of Bayview
March 12, 2024
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Roads Report:  Still no snow—able to work on grading roads.  Working on tractors—oil and grease and such.  New hydraulic motor for the buzz saw was ordered.

Payment of Bills:  Motion made by Don Jenicek to approve payment of Town bills from February 14, 2024 to March 12, 2024 in the amount of $543,521.25; seconded by Bill Bodin.  Motion carried.

Correspondence: Don Jenicek reported that he signed the Cooperative Forest Road Agreement; Clerk has printed a copy of this for the files.  Don also shared a letter from Bayfield County Forestry Department “2024 Town Road Aid Project Requests.”  Clerk shared Annual Monitoring Report for the closed Washburn landfill—no problems were found.  Clerk shared invoice from Wisconsin Lake Superior Scenic Byway Council; Board states that we do not have a contract for this and are not required to pay it.  Clerk shared email from Bayfield County Zoning Department “…updating the process related to how towns receive the Town Board Recommendation form associated with Class A Special Use permits.”  Clerk shared letter from Ruth Hulstrom, Planning and Zoning Administrator re Bayfield County Jurisdiction for UDC and Camping Units Permitting and Inspecting.

Next Town of Bayview Board meeting is set for April 16, 2024, at 6:00 p.m.

Moton to adjourn was made by Bill Bodin, seconded by Don Jenicek.  Meeting adjourned at 7:34 p.m.



Submitted by:

Kim Suske, Clerk


Vol. 16 page 69                                                                                                                    Approved 04/16/2024