February 2024 Minutes

Town of Bayview

February 13, 2024

Meeting was called to order at 6:02 p.m. by Chair.

Roll Call:  Chair Don Jenicek, present; Supervisor Bill Bodin, present; Clerk Kim Suske, present; Treasurer Kelly Warren, present; Supervisor Mike Garnich, present via phone.

Others in attendance:  Mike Yonan, Cindy Dillenschneider, Paul Johnson, and Susan Raasch.

Town Board Meeting Minutes from January 9, 2024:  Motion made by Bill Bodin to approve as written; seconded by Don Jenicek.  Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report by Kelly Warren:  Checking $65,251.29; Equipment $3396.39; Room Tax $4041.52; Contingency Fund $19,954.76, and Tax Levy Savings $658,221.68.

Clerk’s Report:  Clerk expressed concern again to the Board about her hours—she worked nearly 70 hours last month despite being hired and paid for only 45 hours per month.  She brought in a list she wrote up outlining her regular job responsibilities for the Board to review and feels that in the future any Clerk interested in running for the Board should be made aware of the extensive hours and responsibilities.

Clerk also outlined some of the extra duties she performed in the past month that would otherwise go unnoticed so that the Board would be aware of what the Town Clerk does:

  • Filed quarterly forms with the IRS, WI DOR, and Department of Workforce Development
  • Filed annual forms with the WI DOR and WRS (Earnings Reconciliation Report and Annual Employee Report)
  • Completed annual W2 forms and sent to all employees
  • Researched information regarding a new computer for purchase by the Town
  • Continues to work on .gov domain and new email addresses with Bayfield Wireless
  • Renewed Town’s registration for our SAM.gov account
  • Filed online OSHA annual injury/illness report
  • Completed State of WI Online Housing Survey
  • Started work on the 2023 Financial Report
  • Moved 2020 files to Town Hall and transitioned all 2023 files to 2024

Clerk still needs to finish her WisVote training and security training but the workload is making it difficult to get the training done.

Citizen’s Concerns and Comments:  Cindy Dillenschneider expressed support for the Remote Meeting Policy but asked questions about whether it could be overused and whether Town officials would still be required to live within the township.  She also suggested using a video platform rather than just phone.  She also brought up her concern about oak wilt disease and asked the town to consider the timing of mowing.

Policy to Allow Board Members to Attend Meetings Remotely—Discussion and Possible Action:  Board reviewed/read aloud draft policy.  Bill Bodin made a motion to approve the Remote Meetings Appearances:  Attendance and Participation Policy for Board Members policy as written; seconded by Don Jenicek.  Motion carried and policy was signed by Don Jenicek and Bill Bodin.

Approval of Election Board Members January 2024-December 2025:  Board reviewed the list of 3 Chief Inspectors and 17 people interested in being poll workers.  Don Jenicek made a motion to approve the list; seconded by Bill Bodin.  Motion carried.

Ed Gruhl Assessment Objection Claim—Discussion and Possible Action:  Board did not discuss pending legal counsel from Rural Insurance.

Discussion and Possible Action for Budget Adjustments: No discussion needed.

Town Newsletter:  Board began work on the annual newsletter.  Clerk to put together newsletter with Bill Bodin offering to proof read.

Town Website and Email System:  Clerk gave an update.  Clerk continues to use MS Office Family account and explained that our MS Office Business account is very limited at this time and only has email (2 addresses—Clerk


Town of Bayview
February 13, 2024
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and Admin).  The .gov domain application was completed by Mike Cariveou at Bayfield Wireless on behalf of the Town with Mike taking on the role of Tech Manager for the Town.

We will wait until our .gov domain is approved before adding email addresses for the rest of the Board; a training time will need to be set up for that.  Mike C. helped Clerk get her new email up and running.  It will take at least a year to fully transition away from the old address and switch to a higher-level Business account.

HFNP:  First brief was filed on 01/21/2024; plaintiffs need to file their response.

Roads Report:  Still no snow.  Crew has been cleaning equipment and will be brushing for the City.  Need to do oil changes on equipment but waiting for delivery of the oil.

Payment of Bills:  Motion made by Don Jenicek to approve payment of Town bills from January 9, 2024 to February 13, 2024 in the amount of $247,426.75; seconded by Bill Bodin.  Motion carried.

Correspondence: Clerk shared two letters from Bayfield County Zoning—an Amendatory Ordinance (No. 2024-01) and a notice of the next Bayfield County Planning and Zoning Committee meeting on February 15, 2024.  Don Jenicek shared a copy of a Notice of Violation he received regarding placement of a recreational vehicle and past due servicing of septic system on the property of Diann and Joseph Viater, Engoe Road; for property located within the Town of Bayview on Big Rock Road.  Mention was made of ARIP funding for agricultural and forest roads—Don Jenicek and Mike Yonan will be looking into applying for funding.

Next Town of Bayview Board meeting is set for March 12, 2024, at 6:00 p.m.

Moton to adjourn was made by Bill Bodin, seconded by Don Jenicek.  Meeting adjourned at 7:34 p.m.



Submitted by:

Kim Suske, Clerk


Vol. 16 page 68                                                                                                                    Approved 03/12/2024