December 2023 Minutes

Town of Bayview

December 12, 2023

Meeting was called to order at 6:02 p.m. by Chair.

Roll call:  Chair Don Jenicek, present; Supervisor Bill Bodin, present; Supervisor Mike Garnich, present; Clerk Kim Suske, present; Treasurer Kelly Warren, present.

Others in attendance:  Mike Yonan, Cindy Dillenschneider, Charly Ray, Wanda Hyde, Linda Jorgenson, Sharene Eggleson, Mark Eggleson, Paul Norris.

Town Board Meeting Minutes from November 14, 2023:  Motion made by Bill Bodin to approve as written; seconded by Don Jenicek.  Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report by Kelly Warren:  Checking $28,607.62; Equipment $1896.12; Room Tax $3934.16; Contingency Fund $19,920.91, and Tax Levy Savings $2345.51.

Clerk’s Report:

  • Half of Northwoods Paving bill has been paid. Clerk has kept them updated with info about when the loan will be secured and NW Paving has not charged the Town any interest.
  • Town received the diesel fuel tax refund of $1073.
  • Clerk has fulfilled Open Records Request from Terrence Wall and Al House—both requesting information about legal fees. There is another ORR from Terrence Wall that has not yet been completed
  • Clerk completed the 3-hour election MCT core training. Still needs to complete 10  hours of WisVote training and Security training (7 videos), both of which are required as the clerk needs to be a WisVote user.

Citizen’s Concerns and Comments:  Cindy Dillenschneider expressed appreciation for the Clerk’s report.  She expressed concern about our tight budget and wanted to know who is paying the legal fees for the nature preserve.  Charly Ray likes our new website and suggested we can set it up so people can subscribe to meeting notifications.  Paul Norris brought up some concerns and information to be aware of regarding the potential for large antennae being placed on properties.  Linda Jorgenson also asked about the appeal for HFNP.

Town Board Email System:  Clerk reported that Mike Cariveau from Bayfield Wireless informed her that he was unable to get through the red tape of setting up a MS government contract so Town will instead be under a business account (cost is an additional $3 per month).  He is ready to finish setting up emails under (this is through MS, not gmail).  Using shared access with Roger from Superior Lighthouse Web Design has gone well and the accounts are synchronized.  Clerk will have MS desktop applications with this business account—no one else will.  Mike will go forward with the .gov domain request through the federal government after they start their new system in January.

Discussion and Possible Action for Budget Adjustments:  Board discussed that in the past we have had a line of credit but when this started to incur a yearly fee it was dropped.  Question was asked whether or not the Treasurer needs to furnish a bond to the County Treasurer and it was recalled that a bond was no longer necessary.  Clerk will check the ordinance book for this.

HFNP:  An appeal was filed with Bayfield County Circuit Court; there will be a briefing in mid-January.

Roads Report: 

  • Crew continued grading and dragging until it got too cold to continue work.
  • Took down fences at HFNP.
  • Pushed jack-knifed semi truck out of Big Rock Road ravine.
  • Working on forest road with Nels—should get road agreement so we can get the rock that we need.
  • Blew the window out of the tractor while brushing—Mike built a rock guard to try and prevent this.
  • We might not need all of our salt-sand (300 yards) if there’s no snow. Mike would like a shed built for this.

Payment of Bills:  Motion made by Bill Bodin to approve payment of Town bills from November 15, 2023 to December 12, 2023 in the amount of $70,406.65; seconded by Mike Garnich.  Motion carried.


Reviewed information from City of Washburn re new fire truck purchase—the city has approved an order for a fire truck at a cost of $1,027,916.

Town received from Bayfield County Zoning a copy of Notice of Violation for a residential trailer placed on Burlager Road without a permit.

Clerk shared an email from Bayfield County Zoning regarding a new process for sending information to Towns regarding Special Class A permits.

Reviewed letter from Bayfield County Board of Supervisors regarding Ordinance 2023-16-Adoption of Bayfield County Comprehensive Plan Update and Amendatory Ordinance 2023-17-Amending Section 2-2-7 of the Bayfield County Code of Ordinances.

Next Town of Bayview Board meeting is set for January 9, 2024, at 6:00 p.m.

Moton to adjourn was made by Mike Garnich, seconded by Bill Bodin.  Meeting adjourned at 7:00 p.m.

Submitted by:

Kim Suske, Clerk

Vol. 16 page 65                                                                                                                Approved 01/09/2024