2024 Road Tour Minutes

Town of Bayview Road Tour Minutes

Monday, May 6, 2024

Meeting called to order at 8:00 a.m. by Don Jenicek, Town Chairman. Also present were Bill Bodin, Mike Yonan and Butch Warren.

Notes taken on the discussions while on tour include:

Leino/Johnson Road has several areas that are in need of gravel and grading to smooth out washboards and pot holes. The East end also has a few pot holes to be filled.

Washington Avenue also in need of additional gravel and grading in the same spot that is treated every year because of the softer clay base.

Bodin Road – New blacktop held up well over the winter. Ditch work at the corner to force water to run down the east and west side to the culverts is needed between Bodin residence and Sneed driveway. Fix wash out at the bottom by the culvert.

Frostman Road – Grade work and gravel as needed in bare areas but overall holding up well.

Bayview Park Road – With lower water levels this year, the road is in good shape and parking area near park has been well maintained.

McCullough Road – Good condition overall, but needs some gravel and grading on the washboarded area. Trees in ditch should be cut or at least the dead ones to avoid road closure during storms and the area where Xcel Energy restored the road when the powerline work had been done looks great.

Potter Road – Will need to be graded now that the platforms are removed after Xcel work has been done and gravel needed in lower areas.

Kjarvick Road – Gravel and grading needed in a few areas but good overall.

Friendly Valley Road – Cold patch needed on corner of blacktop section. Culvert failure near Jim Bratley residence will need to be dug up and replaced. Heading west, section of old black top covered area needs gravel and grading. The work done on the ditch further up the hill will need to be rocked to prevent more erosion. Gravel up to the Vernon property/Loveland area. Culvert failure just past this corner will need to be replaced. Noted water run off areas just west of Neimesto that will need to be fixed, with potentially a new culvert running NE under the road – Rememdy TBD, but the area of that intersection and above is a problem.

South Neimesto Road notably improved, with additional gravel needed up to the corner. Area around the corner has tire ruts that will need to be graded once drier.

Big Rock Road has slough off on the north side as you head east down the hill. Wedge and cold patch pot holes.

Discussed last time blacktop roads had been crack sealed and treated. Several sections could have this service performed if Mike can find a contractor that can perform the service.

Whiting Road – not visited but noted that there are just a few pot holes to fill and grading that needs to be done as usual.

Maki Road – soft spots in the blacktop that will need to be dug out, filled in and have asphalt applied. A tree trunk also coming up through the pavement on the east end. West end has some cracks from the weight and compaction motion from Eagle Waste truck.  Mike is in conversation with the City of Washburn to assist with these repairs.

Travelled back to Town Garage. Priorities identified include the failed culvert replacements on Friendly Valley, cold patch work on blacktopped roads, the ditching along Bodin Road and gravel/grader work as noted. Not all of the work can be completed as it will most likely exceed the budgets and time available.

Bill motioned for meeting to be adjourned at 10:03 a.m. Don Jenicek seconded. Motion carried.


Submitted by Bill Bodin, Supervisor


Vol. 16 Page 71                                                                                                  Approved  05/07/2024